Big B

My son, B, is almost 7. He can say some pretty hilarious things, as most kids do. Sunday I told him he was as brown as a biscuit. Immediately he said, “Can we get Bojangles?!”

M and I introduced B to the show Who’s the Boss. After watching a while he said, “Do they find out who’s going to be the boss?”

One day we were talking about God and Jesus being the same person. He said, “Yeah, but they don’t wear the same clothes.”

We had a close friend of our family pass away in early 2012. B has thought a lot about death and heaven since then. One day he said, “when we are old God will come pick us up.”

Did y’all dance with a flower in your mouth?” B asking about our wedding.

A few life lessons must be getting through. I told B why my grandma died. “She had a bad heart” I said. He said, “Did she say bad things?”


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